Meet ILAN, the new Israel-Latin American relations lobby

Foreign Minister Ashkenazi at launch of Latin American Lobby in Israel: 'Relations with Americans of Latin descent are strategic.'

Yoni Kempinski ,

launch of ILAN
launch of ILAN
צילום: דרור סיתכהל

Tonight (Monday), the launch event of the Latin American Lobby in Israel-ILAN took place in Herzliya, with the participation of Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, 15 ambassadors and diplomats from Latin American countries in Israel, ILAN founder, businessman Isaac Asa, ILAN CEO Dov Litvinoff and others.

At the event, Foreign Minister Ashkenazi noted that "Israel's connection to Latin America is extremely important. We at the Foreign Ministry see the importance of strategic relations with Americans of Latin descent, and this is a challenge for us. The Foreign Ministry and I stand by ILAN and listened to the organization's needs throughout the launch of this groundbreaking project."

ILAN founder Isaac Asa concluded: "I am excited to launch ILAN in Israel today. This is a dream that began four years ago and today has taken shape, and I welcome the opportunity to be a key part in strengthening the relations of Latin America and Israel. In the coming years, one in three Americans will be of Latin American descent. If we do not mobilize them for Israel, we will lose America. Together with Israeli innovation, wisdom and faith, we will bring great news and a trans-Atlantic connection."

אירוע ההשקה
צילום: דרור סיתכהל

ILAN is a pro-Israel lobby for Israel-Latin America ties that is currently being launched in Israel, by Isaac Asa, a Mexican-Syrian Jewish businessman and philanthropist and ILAN in Israel CEO Dov Litvinoff.

The fund will invest millions of dollars in Israeli-Latin American and US relations, and its activities will include expeditions to Israel and the creation of collaborations with businessmen, opinion leaders, local government in Israel and with universities around the country.

The fund will also open branches in Central, North and South America and gain widespread momentum in the coming years.