Bereaved mother: Ayelet, how can you sit in such a government?

Mother of Ruth Fogel who was murdered in Itamar attack calls on Ayelet Shaked not to join a left-wing government.

Yonatan Gottlieb ,

Tali Ben Yishai
Tali Ben Yishai
Yonatan Gottlieb

Tali Ben Yishai, the mother of Ruth Fogel who was murdered in a terrorist attack in the town of Itamar with her husband and their three children, participated on Sunday evening, along with hundreds of protesters, in a demonstration outside Ayelet Shaked's home in Tel Aviv.

Ben Yishai called on Shaked not to support the formation of a government with the left that relies on supporters of terrorism.

She first described her acquaintance with Shaked: "You were with ten years ago in Itamar, at the inauguration of the 'Mishkan Ehud' beit midrash, named after our son-in-law Ehud Fogel who was murdered with our daughter Ruth Fogel with their three children - Yoav - 11, Elad - 4 and Hadas - 3 months.

"You hugged me, and I felt a closeness and a very great privilege to know such a woman who fights for the values of the Land of Israel and I felt that you embrace me wholeheartedly. You saw how the heinous terrorists destroyed my family's house, and we got up, we set up a yeshiva, a glorious yeshiva, the people of Israel were involved, you were my partner," she said.

Ben Yishai called on Shaked, on behalf of her daughter and husband, not to join a left-wing government: "I am not used to speaking in public, but I come on behalf of my daughter Ruth Fogel and her husband, and on behalf of the little children who were murdered in their sleep, and I ask how can you sit in a government that relies on supporters of terrorists? We saw what side they were on in the last fight, we saw which side they took, have we gone crazy? Where is our healthy way?"

"Ayelet I call on you, how can you take part in this government, my children's blood and our children are crying out from the ground, they are shouting 'how can you lend a hand to such foolishness, how is that possible?' This is inconceivable," Ben Yishai exclaimed.