Condition of Jewish man brutally beaten by Arab mob improves

Elad Barzilai, who was nearly beaten to death by Arab mob in northern Israel during rioting earlier this month, is released from ICU.

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Elad Barzilai and his family
Elad Barzilai and his family
צילום: אילה איבגי - 'לרשום באור'

An Israeli Jewish man who was nearly beaten to death by an Arab mob in northern Israel earlier this month has been released from intensive care, hospital officials said Thursday afternoon.

On May 12th, dozens of Arab rioters in Acre (Akko) attacked Elad Barzilai, a local high school teacher and father of four, hurling stones at him and beating him unconscious.

Barzilai was brought to Nahariya’s Galilee Medical Center, where he was initially listed in critical condition at the intensive care unit.

Following two weeks of gradual improvement in his condition, doctors have released Barzilai from the intensive care unit, though he remains hospitalized at the Galilee Medical Center.

Barzilai is still in serious condition, even after regaining consciousness earlier this week.

Prof. Masad Barhoum, the hospital’s administrator, said during a visit with Barzilai that his release from the ICU is “a very emotional moment.”

“I want to thank the neurosurgery department in general and especially the neurosurgery department’s intensive care ward, for the wonderful work and professional treatment they provided Elad. Though he still has a long way to go, we can certainly express cautious optimism now.”