AG instructs questioning of police officer who killed terrorist in 2015 Jerusalem attack

Internal Security Minister Ohana speaks with officer who killed terrorist during 2015 attack. "You deserve an award, I support you."

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 10:28 PM

Department of Investigation of Police
Department of Investigation of Police
Flash 90, Yonatan Sindel

A police officer who received a certificate of excellence for killing a terrorist during a stabbing attack in Jerusalem about 6 years ago, was questioned under caution about two weeks ago, under the direction of the attorney general, on suspicion of causing the terrorist's death by negligence in that incident, Kan News reported.

On Wednesday evening, the police officer spoke with Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana. "You deserve an award, I support you," Ohana told the officer.

In October 2015, the terrorist carried out a stabbing attack at Hanevi'im-Heyl Hahandassah junction in Jerusalem and moderately wounded a Jew who passed by.

The policeman who arrived at the scene tried to neutralize the terrorist, shot him and killed him. For this activity he received a certificate of appreciation from the Jerusalem District Commander at the time, Moshe Edri.

"Upon arriving at the incident, the policeman got out of the car, identified the terrorist, fired and neutralized him. In doing so, he prevented a major disaster and demonstrated determination, professionalism and courage," the certificate read.

Although after the incident a request came to the State Attorney's desk to order the opening of an investigation against the police officer, he decided to refrain from doing so. An appeal filed against the decision was only recently received by the Attorney General, six years after the incident.

The Ministry of Justice said: "Regarding the incident in question, an appeal was submitted to the Attorney General's decision by the then-State Attorney not to open an investigation. After examining the case, it was decided to collect versions from the police who shot. Upon completion of the treatment, a reasoned decision will be made."

The policeman's lawyer, Adv. Itzik Cohen, responded: "While Israeli police are dealing with widespread riots and terrorist attacks, the Department of Investigation of Police has found it appropriate to investigate a policeman who neutralized an armed terrorist and even won a certificate of excellence for his performance in the incident, which took place about six years ago. I hope that the department will admit the mistake and close the investigation file soon."