Pakistani lawmaker calls for waging nuclear jihad against Israel

During discussion three of the country's politicians demand government wage jihad against Israel, praise Hitler, talk using nukes.

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A member of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ruling party praised Hitler for carrying out the Holocaust and called for jihad, while another party member also called for jihad, including the use of nuclear weapons, against Israel.

The Jewish Chronicle reported that during a talk show discussion of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, member of the National Assembly Kanwal Shauzab praised Hitler for murdering Jews and urged Pakistan to use its nuclear arsenal against Israel.

“I remember a saying by Hitler who said he had spared some Jews to let the world know why he killed them. Today I have developed a firm faith in this,” she said. “Muslims welcomed Jews in Palestine but Jews have been ungrateful. Today we are deficient in faith. We are two billions in the world, we have oil wells and wealth and everything and some countries have nukes but probably we have kept out nukes to be used as crackers on Barat Night.”

Another assembly member of Khan's party, Asma Qadeer, called for Pakistan to wage jihad against Israel, stating she would personally participate.

“I will help the Palestinians get liberated from those cursed people who have tortured our Palestinian brothers and sisters. I used to believe that Muslims should go for a dialogue but now I believe that there is no other option but jihad against Israel. No more negotiations. Enlist me for jihad.”

A member of the Jamat-e-Islami party, Abdul Akbar Chitrali, echoed the same sentiments, saying “What good is….our missiles, nukes and fighters if we don't wage jihad against Israel? Did we make nukes to keep them in the museum? We have no option other than jihad against Israel.”