After COVID:
Israel to end most coronavirus restrictions on June 1st

Health Minister announces plans to let restrictions on public activity and gatherings expire.

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David Rosenberg ,

שגרה בצל הקורונה
שגרה בצל הקורונה
צילום: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Israel’s Health Minister announced Sunday that most restrictions on public activity will be allowed to expire next month.

Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likud) said Sunday evening that given the extended period of low COVID infection rates, the Health Ministry will not request that the government extend the emergency regulations limiting mass gatherings and public activities.

“Israel is getting back to normal,” Edelstein declared. “Less than half a year ago, we started the mass vaccination campaign. Thanks to the excellent work of health establishment workers…we carried out the best vaccine campaign in the world.”

The restrictions are set to expire on June 1st, and include the limits imposed under the ‘green marker’ (Tav Yarok) and ‘purple marker’ (Tav Sagol) rules.

The indoor mask mandate, however, will not automatically expire on June 1st, though the Health Ministry plans to evaluate whether the requirement should be continued or ended.

Restrictions on travel to and from Israel, however, will remain in place.

Despite the changes, Edelstein said the end of many of Israel’s COVID measures comes “with an asterisk”.

“The Health Ministry will continue to work to maintain Israel as a ‘green’ country, and will continue its broad monitoring efforts to prevent outbreaks. Obviously, if there are outbreaks, we’ll have to move backwards. I urged Israelis not to travel to countries with high infection rates and to keep an eye out for travel warnings from the Health Ministry.”