Gantz: We are taking Hamas back in time

Defense Minister says Israel ready to expand campaign against Hamas at any time in order to defend its citizens.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gantz in the field
Gantz in the field
Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited the 405th Battalion in the south Thursday.

During the visit, Gantz received an overview of the battalion's activities during Operation Guardian of the Walls and had a dialogue with the soldiers of the battalion.

Afterwards, the defense minister visited the satellite listening base of Unit 8200.

At the end of the visit, Minister Gantz said: "We continue to conduct ourselves with determination for security and political responsibility, and to maintain close contact with our friends in the world, especially the United States, which backs our right to defend ourselves. We do this with the aim of bringing long-term peace, and strengthening the moderate factors in the region."

"Unfortunately, Hamas continues to attack our population, and in the last 48 hours, when we tried to bring medical equipment into the Gaza Strip through international organizations, they fired in the direction of the crossings and led to their closure and eventually harm to the Gaza residents.

Ganz added: "We are prepared and ready to expand the campaign as much as necessary, and we are taking Hamas on a journey back in time - a journey from which we will not allow it to return.

"For the citizens of Israel who constantly give us a strong home front and a spirit of recovery - these days are exactly the time to adhere to the guidelines of the Home Front Command. One of Hamas' MOs is to create periods of silence and then try to surprise us with barrages on population centers. Vigilance must be maintained in order to save lives," said the defense minister.