George W. Bush: Iranian hand seen in Hamas violence against Israel

Former US President George W. Bush blames Iran for Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, says any deal must include Iranian support for terror.

Gary Willig ,

Former President George W. Bush
Former President George W. Bush
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Former US President George W. Bush blamed Iran for the ongoing violence between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.

Speaking to Fox News, Bush said that "you're seeing playing out is Iranian influence targeted toward Israel" in the thousands of rockets which have been fired at the Jewish State.

Bush told Fox News that the US had to understand Iran's malign influence throughout the Middle East when engaging with the Islamic Republic.

"I think the best approach with regard to Iran is to understand that their influence is dangerous for world peace, that they are very much involved with extremist movements in Lebanon and Syria and Yemen, and they are aiming to spread their influence," he said.

Bush called on the Biden Administration to include Iran's support for terrorist organizations and fostering of instability throughout the region in any renegotiated nuclear deal. He further accused Iran of attempting to "break up alliances that were formed in the previous administration called the Abraham Accords."

The former president said that the Two-State Solution would be "very difficult" to implement under the current conditions, and that he hoped the Abraham Accords would eventually lead to a permanent peace between Israel and the entire Arab world.

He unequivocally stated his support for Israel's right to defend itself against the Hamas rocket barrages, "You’ve got to understand that Israel is going to defend itself. So long as there is a threat to their people, they will defend itself."