Kosher supervisor attacked by Bedouin worker

Factory workers protest lack of security in light of tense situation.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Attacker (illustrative)
Attacker (illustrative)

Although many Israelis are limiting their interactions with Arabs in light of the security situation, some, due to the nature of their employment, have no option other than to continue to work alongside Arab colleagues.

On Wednesday, a kosher supervisor working in a poultry factory in the south of the country was attacked by a Bedouin employee.

Employees of the “Of Oz” poultry factory related to Behadrey Haredim that the worker in question, a young Bedouin man, attacked the supervisor after being told to go home. The supervisor had apparently not been satisfied with his work, and had decided to switch him with another employee.

The Bedouin left the building, only to return moments later with an iron rod that he had found outside. He started to hit the supervisor with it, and only stopped when several workers intervened.

Despite his efforts to protect himself, the supervisor suffered injuries to his arm and back.

“The directors of the factory promised us that they would provide us with security,” one of the employees said afterward, “but nothing was actually done. They promised us security from the junction with the main road, right up to the factory and of course inside it, too, throughout the work day.”

In a statement, Israel Police said: “From our investigation, it appears that one of the employees here was dismissed, and is now suspected of attacking another worker whom he believed to have been the cause of his dismissal. The victim was attacked with an iron bar and sustained mild injuries. The suspect, an 18-year-old from Segev Shalom, has been arrested.”