Two Jews indicted for attack on journalists filming planned march 'against Arabs'

Jews had been organizing march against Arabs, told participants to come armed.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Journalists (illustrative)
Journalists (illustrative)
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Indictments have been filed against two suspects in an attack that occurred targeting journalists from the Kan 11 broadcasting company, while filming near Tel Aviv.

The two suspects are named as Yosef Peretz and Yosef Maatuf. They are accused of attacking public servants, theft of equipment, and making threats.

According to the indictment, on May 13th (last Thursday), calls went out over social media and Whatsapp, asking for people to head to the Hatikva neighborhood in Tel Aviv in order to participate in a march that would head to the predominantly Arab town of Jaffa, and would attack any Arabs they met on the way. The announcement also asked those who came to arm themselves with batons, knives, guns, and tear gas spray.

Learning of the planned march, journalists from Kan 11, including Yoav Zahavi London and photographer Rolan Novitzki headed to the scene. As they began to broadcast, Peretz and another person started to yell at them: “Why are you filming here! Go and film in Ramle or Lod where they’re shooting! Not here where Jews are singing.” Peretz and the other person involved also pushed away London’s microphone.

The Kan 11 team started to back away, as Peretz continued to shout at them. Peretz then turned to bystanders who had started to gather, and said, “Guys, these are journalists from the anti-Semitic Channel 13.” After Novitzki told him that they were actually from Kan 11, Peretz retorted, “11 are also anti-Semites. You’re all leftists.”

The Kan team then crossed the street, as Peretz phoned to Maatuf, telling him, “Get here quick. They’re broadcasting from Kan 11.”

When Maatuf arrived, the indictment states, he and Peretz attacked the photographer from behind, taking him by surprise. Maatuf hit him in the head with a motorcycle helmet and also hit the camera he was holding which fell and smashed on the pavement. Peretz then kicked Novitzki and punched him, causing him to fall to the ground. As he was trying to get to his feet, Maatuf again struck him with the helmet.

As a result of the attack, Novitzki required medical treatment for injuries to his face, skull, and neck.