Arab terror in Ramla: Fireworks and Molotov cocktails

Jew who sat on porch of home burned by Molotov cocktail thrown at him by Arab terrorist. Fireworks shot at Jewish residences.

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Yehonatan Gottleib ,

Burn from Molotov cocktail
Burn from Molotov cocktail
Courtesy of photographer

Ramla residents have been experiencing an unprecedented wave of violence by their Arab neighbors.

A Jew living in the city of Ramla who was sitting on a hammock on the porch of his house last week was burned by a Molotov cocktail thrown at him by an Arab terrorist. He was evacuated for medical assistance and his hand was bandaged.

On Saturday night, Arabs fired fireworks at Jews. The fireworks were fired at the home of a Jewish family with three small children.

In addition, while rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at the central region, in the city of Ramla, the Arabs celebrated the firing of the missiles by firing fireworks into the sky.