Jaffa victim: 'It was a planned ambush, they jumped on me with clubs'

Yonatan Mor, shift manager at a Jaffa restaurant, tells how he was attacked in a 'planned ambush' by two club-wielding Arabs.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police (illustrative)
Police (illustrative)
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Two masked individuals on Friday attacked Yonatan Mor, a shift manager at a Jaffa restaurant.

Footage from security cameras shows how a motorcycle stopped near Mor, and two people got off it. The two then began to punch and kick Mor with great force, until he began to scream, after which the attackers escaped the scene.

"I am sort of bruised and injured but my morale is high," Mor told journalist Gideon Uko in an interview. "I finished my shift at the restaurant and was walking on Jerusalem Street. I'm a Jaffaite who believes in coexistence, so I walked without fear."

"At one point two Arabs jumped on me from their motorcycle. It seemed to be a planned ambush. They waited for someone to pass alone. They jumped on me with fists and clubs. I tried to fight them but understood that the smartest thing to do would be to make noise, so that's what I did. I found myself bleeding profusely.

"We were forced to ask the police to come in order to take testimony," Mor added, criticizing the police. "They did me a favor and came. Their functioning is defective. In Tel Aviv people are afraid to leave their homes. Where is Israel Police? What are they doing?"