Commander of Hamas anti-tank unit killed in Gaza

Senior Hamas terrorist responsible for numerous attacks eliminated in airstrike in Gaza City.

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מפקד מערך הנ״ט של חמאס בעזה חוסל
מפקד מערך הנ״ט של חמאס בעזה חוסל
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The IDF announced that the head of the Hamas anti-tank unit in Gaza City had been killed in a series of "massive airstrikes" Tuesday.

The terrorist, Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir, had been responsible for numerous attacks on Israeli territory using anti-tank missiles.

The IDF spokesperson said that the unit was preparing to carry out another attack using an anti-tank missile when the airstrike occurred.

About 80 fighter jets destroyed about 150 rocket launchers in the northern Gaza Strip. In the attack, between 50-70 launching pits used to fire rockets into Israeli territory were destroyed.

Two Ashkelon residents were killed Tuesday by direct rocket strikes on homes in the city. Two other people were seriously injured by a rocket strike, while several other people were moderately and lightly injured. In all, more than 90 people have been injured in the past day.

The Home Front Command has updated that tomorrow there will be no studies in the south.