PM: Hamas will receive blows it didn't expect

Netanyahu visits Southern Command as rockets continue to rain down, promises harsh response against Hamas, Islamic Jihad.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu at Southern Command
Netanyahu at Southern Command

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a situational assessment in the Southern Command with the Minister of Defense, the Chief of Staff, the head of the National Security Council, the Commander of the Southern Command and other senior officials.

At the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister said, "I have just finished in the Southern Command a situational assessment with the Minister of Defense, the Chief of Staff and the head of the Southern Command. We are in the midst of a campaign. Since yesterday, the IDF has been attacking hundreds of attacks on Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. We have eliminated commanders, we have hit many of their quality targets."

"Hamas will receive blows here that it did not expect. I know that this also involves patience and a certain sacrifice on your part, the citizens of Israel," he added.

Netanyahu noted, "Unfortunately, two civilians were killed. I ask all of you to obey the instructions, to strictly observe the Home Front Command's instructions, it saves lives. We have a long way to go, we will do it together responsibly, with full backing for the attacks by the IDF."

"I also want to say a word about the Arabs of Israel," the prime minister said. "There was an unacceptable wild riot here yesterday from hot-headed young people. Our directive is to do everything to maintain law and order. I expect all public leaders, and first and foremost the leaders of the Arab public, to stand here, condemn this riot and do everything possible to restore calm."

"We have given instructions to reinforce the police forces with another Border Police battalion, we will reinforce them as much as necessary to maintain law and order in the State of Israel, and here too we need your cooperation, of all Israeli citizens," Netanyahu concluded.