Gantz: Hamas will bear the consequences for attacks

Defense Minister vows forceful response after Gaza terrorists launch dozens of rockets, including seven at Jerrusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Minister Gantz
Minister Gantz
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Defense Minister Benny Gantz made the following statement following the launching of dozens of rockets at Israeli territory, including the firing of seven rockets at Jerusalem.

"My fellow Israelis, Hamas has been violating Israeli sovereignty over the past number of weeks, crossing the red lines.

It will bear the consequences.

Over the past few weeks, the security cabinet has been convening, and we have held a series of consultations and situational assessments, on the basis of which we authorized, today, a number of offensive strikes that will hit Hamas and other terrorist organizations hard. These are strides that will ensure Israel’s security and restore long-term and complete quiet.

I would like to emphasize that the State of Israel has done everything and will do everything to protect freedom of worship. Hamas, which is targeting a civilian population is the sole party responsible. The organization and its leaders will be held responsible and pay the price for the aggression. And the offensive strikes are expected to continue until we meet the operative goals that we have set.

In parallel, we are taking steps to protect the Israeli civilian homefront, and give clear instructions, so that we can save lives. To that end, I have declared a special state of emergency on the homefront, that will position our security and emergency response forces within the IDF, Homefront Command and National Emergency Authority within the IMoD to be responsive to the needs of the population, alongside all the other government offices.

I ask everyone to follow instructions, which are life-saving.

We have always stayed strong in the face of enemies, we have come together, and we have come out on top.

Now, too, we will act forcefully, assertively, and responsibly.”