'Netanyahu is a strategic asset for Israeli-US relations'

Former Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer urges Israel to strengthen ties with Evangelical Christians.

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Ron Dermer
Ron Dermer
צילום: שריה דיאמנט, מקור ראשון

Former Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer lauded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, calling Netanyahu an “asset” for Israeli-US relations.

Speaking at a Makor Rishon conference Sunday, Dermer warned that if Netanyahu is unable to form a government and is replaced, US-Israeli relationship would undergo a “significant change”.

“There is no question at all that without Netanyahu, there will be a significant change in the US-Israel relationship,” Dermer said.

“Americans known Netanyahu because of his lengthy tenure and because of his public relations abilities. Netanyahu is an asset for everything that has to do with public relations. That’s not just what is said to the President or Congress, it is also in terms of his understanding and ability to address the public, based on the understanding that doing so is no less important. Netanyahu is unique.”

Dermer also said that Israel must work to maintain its ties with the Christian Evangelical community in the US, alongside efforts to bolster ties with American Jews.

“Much more support came from the Christians [than American Jews] in our struggle against the nuclear deal and to move the embassy to Jerusalem, so I think we are obliged to invest more in support from the Christians.”