Terror attack thwarted - "This could have been a disaster"

The border guards who stopped a shooting earlier today say they believe the terrorists to have been headed for central Israel.


Scene of the attack
Scene of the attack
IDF Spokesman

Preliminary investigations into the attempted attack that was foiled this morning (Friday) in northern Samaria show that the three terrorists are residents of the Tul Karm area in their early 20s, with no prior criminal background.

The terrorists arrived in Israel by bus from across the Green Line, where Israeli border guards stopped the bus and attempted to take the three for interrogation. It is estimated that they planned to carry out an attack in Israeli territory. The bus they were traveling in had an Israeli license plate, and the driver was an Israeli Arab. The IDF says the driver was not complicit.

The terrorists apparently crossed the border fence from the Jenin area and border a bus known to transport illegals through Israel. Upon being brought to the border guards' post outpost, the three drew submachine guns and opened fire. Border guards in the area returned fire, killing two and injuring the third. The injured individual was evacuated to for hospital care.

The Ministry of Defense estimates that the coming days will see increased unrest due to recent events in Jerusalem and the night of al-Qadr. The IDF has mobilized two and a half additional battalions in preparation.

The border guard commander who neutralized the terrorists, commented, "While operating outside the base, I noticed three armed terrorists running towards us and opening fire. We took cover while bullets were whistling over our heads and returned fire. We prevented the next incident, which could have been much more serious - that's why we enlisted."

Border guard commanders praised the activities of the guards for responding in a professional and determined manner under fire.

"They acted in a professional and determined manner, attacking quickly and bringing the incident to a swift end, all without any casualties to our forces. This is the kind of incident that could have ended in a major disaster and you are the ones who prevented it. We appreciate and cherish your work today. Good work, "said the commander of the Border Police, Amir Cohen, who arrived at the scene of the attack and talked to the guards who neutralized the terrorists.