Settlement leader hosts Muslim leaders for Iftar meal

Samaria Regional Council chief Yossi Dagan hosts group of Arab business leaders in breaking Ramadan fast.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Dagan (center) at event
Dagan (center) at event
צילום: רועי חדי

Yossi Dagan, chairman of the Samaria regional council, hosted 20 Palestinian Arab clerics and businessmen for the traditional Iftar meal to break the Ramadan fast, with guests from the UAE joining in by Zoom.

The guests condemned the recent shooting at Tapuach junction, and blessed the winded parties with a speedy recovery.

"I regret that this took place, and hope that it never happens again," said Ahmad Ali Musa, a senior businessman in the United Arab Emirates' Sharjah principality. Ali Musa also addressed the peace agreement with Israel, saying that it “opens doors for a world of great opportunities for the entire region.”

Yusuf Beidon, a businessman from Dubai, said: '' I congratulate Yossi Dagan and wish for peace in the whole Middle East, with you and with us, that we will sit under one roof in peace. I wish a happy Iftar meal for everyone, and Inshallah we will all sit together soon. I thank you, Yossi Dagan, for inviting me to participate in this amazing event that is happening now, and I pray for many more such opportunities, God willing."

Hashem Kak from eastern Jerusalem likewise wished the wounded a speedy recovery, and sent his best wishes to their families. "I wish the wounded a speedy recovery. Islam does not call for killing, it calls for peace. Terrorists make themselves out to be Muslims, but they are not. I hope the wounded recover soon" .

Sarah Zoabi, a Zionist Muslim activist, also expressed shock at the attack at Tapuach Junction.

Governor Dagan greeted his guests by saying "I would like to congratulate our dear friends and cousins. First of all, we open with the holiday greeting, Ramadan Kareem. It is an exciting and joyful occasion that we are finally able to celebrate as we should - the children of Abraham sitting together, gladdening our common father. I came here straight from Beilinson Hospital where I visited the young man severely wounded in the shooting at Tapuach junction, and I know we are united, creating a path of peace and mutual respect together. There are things we all agree on and there are things that we can debate, but we all agree that we are all sons of one father and we have a responsibility to live together side by side with mutual respect.”