Netanyahu family sues Ehud Olmert

PM's family sues former PM over statements they suffer 'mental illness.' 'Instead of paying his debt to society he became obsessed.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu family
Netanyahu family
Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sarah Netanyahu and their son Yair filed a defamation lawsuit against former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert this week.

The indictment alleges that shortly after he was released from prison, Olmert "began his obsessive attempts to harm the plaintiffs and trample their good name in public."

In the lawsuit, Olmert was quoted as referring in an interview he gave less than a month ago on Channel 12 referring to the prime minister, his wife and son and stating that they suffer "mental illness", Olmert added in the same interview that the condition of the three is "irreparable."

Nine days later, in an interview with the 'Ofira and Berkowitz' program, Olmert refused to apologize and reiterated this claim.

The lawsuit states: "Among other things, the lawsuit states that "instead of coming to terms with reality, bowing his head and paying his debt to society, Olmert began to obsessively and serially engage in malicious and vicious slanders against the Netanyahu family."

Attorney Cohen also added on behalf of the plaintiffs, that "only a person imbued with blind and unrestrained hatred is able to say such serious and offensive remarks in the media ... This is a dangerous statement that the court must condemn and determine is not a matter of freedom of expression."