A new light shines on Jerusalem: Jerusalem as you’ve never seen before

Creative artist, photographer and filmmaker Eitan Asaraf produces a spectacular new film spotlighting the Holy City.

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Jerusalem as you've never seen it before
Jerusalem as you've never seen it before
Eitan Asraf

Are you a proud Jerusalemite or fan of the Holy City? Think you’re familiar with every ancient stone and alleyway? Well, think again, because you’re about to discover a whole new Jerusalem and reveal magical sights, sounds, and scenes never glimpsed before. Artist, photographer and producer Eitan Asaraf is releasing a brand-new film prepared especially for the Jerusalem municipality, presenting Israel’s capital in a scintillating new light.

After close to a year of documenting the city from every imaginable and unimaginable angle, capturing its breathtaking vistas, heartwarming scenes and distinct melodies, Asaraf’s creation is all set to go.

Amazingly, the majority of the film was taken not by state-of-the-art cameras, but on Asaraf’s phone and drones which lend us a bird’s eye view of the Holy City. In this film, he spotlights the sacred, quaint and chic: the Western Wall, Mahaneh Yehuda Shuk (market), and Mamilla Boulevard, as well as world-famous tourist attractions beside lesser-known, charming niches that contribute to the timeless melting pot of Israeli culture and society. Viewers will be awed by Jerusalem’s glorious morning and glittering nights, and revel in spectacular sunrises, sunsets and changing seasons.

“Jerusalem is the center of the world,” expressed Asaraf. “This was an incredible project that carried me throughout an entire year of inspiration. When the subject is a city like Jerusalem, the emotions work overtime, and the imagination can transport one to new vistas. Despite the fact that in the course of our photography, much of our raw material was stolen, we embarked on a second run and were rewarded with awesome frames that were even better than before.”

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon shared his perspective: “Jerusalem is a drawing point for people everywhere in the world. It’s unique, exceptional. This film by Eitan Asaraf draws from its vast spectrum, its distinct melodies, flavors, and charm, to capture the essence of Jerusalem and tell our city’s complete story. I recommend this film to everyone. Watch, and allow yourself to be awed and inspired once again by our holy city of Jerusalem.”