Israel Dog Unit Canine Exhibition for IDF Hopefuls

The Israel Dog Unit made its way to Jerusalem's Saker Park to give an exhibition to foreign volunteers in Israel's Lone Soldier program.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

במהלך הגיבוש
במהלך הגיבוש
צילום: שח"ר

The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in training and deploying working dogs, joined Team Mikey Fitness in a special training course for new immigrants hoping to join the ranks of the IDF’s lone soldier program. Team Mikey prides itself on preparing candidates for the demanding physical qualification tests that are a hallmark of the IDF’s most selective units. By way of helping them to prepare both for military service and for after it, the IDU demonstrated some of its more signature operational activities, including rescue work, security techniques, and the extensive canine discipline that is the heart of any operational canine unit.

Team Mikey at the Israel Dog Unit’s exhibition.

Lone soldiers are known as a disproportionate percentage of the IDF’s special forces; the IDU, likewise, numbers an exceptional percentage of foreign-born volunteers among its ranks, many of whom have (along with their furry friends) closed significant search and rescue cases for the Israel National Police. The IDU claims a long-standing relationship with some of the most storied names in the IDF, and is proud to have helped train the next generation of recruits.