A Marshall Plan for Palestinian Arabs? Islamists in the Knesset?

Islamists in Israel's government is as disastrous a 'policy of appeasement' as Chamberlain's was. And the PA is not postwar Dresden so forget the Marshall Plan, it is not applicable. Op-ed.

L. Charm Tenenbaum ,

Main square in Ramallah
Main square in Ramallah

That The State of Israel, the only Democracy in the Middle East, consistently tries to be All Things To All People, should not mean for The Jewish State to lose its sense of do goodness and become cavalier to duplicity.

The fourth round of elections in Israel hath wrought something quite insidious: An Islamist Party to the forefront, where the Joint List wasn't enough of a Witches Brew upon the country. How in good conscience can any collage composed of Anti-Jews, become part of the Jewish State's government, I'll never know. And, if that isn't enough of a question, here's another one for the books:

The Woodrow Wilson Institute, created in honor of America's 28th President (of the Democrat Persuasion) boasts on its website: "The Center is Washington's only independent wide-ranging institute for advanced study where vital cultural issues and their deep historical background are explored through research and dialogue." Imagine my surprise at having recently come across a copy of The Wilson Quarterly (Spring, 2002) a publication of the Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars in which an article, written by then Chair of the Board of Trustees, Joseph Cari, Jr., in his column: From The Center, calls for a Marshall Plan for the Palestinian Arabs!

Given that The Wilson Center touts itself "where vital cultural issues of deep historical background are explored through research and dialogue", the question I would have had in 2002, and certainly have now in 2021, to Mr. Cari, is: if deep historical backgrund research is indeed explored prior to your writing, how could you suggest a Marshall Plan for the Palestinian Arabs as if they reside in Dresden at the end of WWII.

If Mr. Cari had truly researched the history of the denizens of Gaza and The 'West Bank', he might never have written his article. If anything, he might have had a different opinion of the mess, realizing that the only people requiring Occupational Therapy within the Jewish State, are the true occupiers: The Arab squatters. Such live at the benevolence of every government in Israel since 1948.

Had Mr. Cari bothered to read From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters, he would have advanced his scholarship by discovering what Ms. Peters discovered: The Palestinian Arabs are part and parcel of the rest of Arabia, NOT Israel. The Arab World prodded their peoples to settle in what is now Israel as a Public Relations farce then, as it remains today, no thanks to the United Nations, and its no less than 22 ancillary agencies including UNRWA, arabists to the core, pretending there are no wealthy 'Palestinian Arabs' living in the Jewish State. The propaganda purposely fails to showcase their lovely homes, certainly far and away from the tent variety showcased by the enemies of The Jewish State.

Why do Think Tanks think those they employ or encourage, are such deep thinkers? Mr. Cari opens his screed quoting former Secretary of State George C. Marshall having "Unveiled the great plan that bears his name at Harvard University in the fateful Summer of 1947--The Marshall Plan, where war torn Europe needed to be rebuilt in order to ensure peace for future generations."

Now to be honest, if I had my druthers, l would have preferred Germany remained rubble for no less than 6 Million years, having wrought the greatest atrocity to have befell the Jews. Yet Mr. Cari believes "It is time for a bold American Foreign Policy Initiative Focusing first on Palestine- America now needs to develop a Marshalll Plan for The Middle East. Stability will foster a moderate Palestine middle class which in turn will marginalize the radical elements of Palestine society." Bear in mind, Mr. Cari wrote this in 2002. As such, what planet was he living on in 2002? Did he not keep up with all the news of the constant pain and suffering upon Israelis and tourists alike during what is called the Oslo War, by the murderous Arabs in their midst? Had he not known of Gaza's mothership Iran, perpetrating the financing of such evil upon the Jewish State via missile or suicide vest?

Further, Didn't Mr. Cari know that Fatah's Yasir Arafat plundered the Palestinian Arab treasury as if an established plunderer from the 7th Century? Did Mr. Cari know that the Palestinian Arabs are treated by Jewish doctors whenever they enter a hospital in Israel, much the same way as the doctors treat their own beloved relatives?

Does Mr. Cari know of the deliberate hate speech printed within the school textbooks received by Palestinian Arab children against Israel? In their article "To Shape Young Palestinians, Hamas Creates Its Own Textbooks" The New York Times (November 3, 2013) Fares Akram and Jodi Rudoren write: "Palestinians have developed a system of deception - to English Speaking people they sell one story and to themselves they have a different story. The Hamas government controls 400 schools and 46 private schools. They've added programs i.e. a military training elective focusing on resistance to Israel." Just the thing Israel needs in its peace-loving midst: A Paramilitary special ops comprised of Palestinian juveniles indoctrinated against life, as their leaders abuse their innocence offering death as their salvation. President Donald J. Trump knew how duplitious the Hamas and PA leadership is and has always been to exploit their people, while their constituents live as lemmings to evil.

Additionally, Does Mr. Cari know about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction platform created by a Muslim resident of the Jewish State to reduce Israel's export product line's reputation to that of a Leper, upon the world? Does Mr. Cari know how Israel's Arab neighbors have fueled terrorism with their petrodollars, with more fervor than they fuel their lamborghinis from Kuwait to London? Does Mr. Cari know that the true history is where the Jews protected Mohammed over 1400 years ago, and that he died of natural causes, Not by the hand of any Jew. In fact, with all the terrorism over the years set upon the Jewish State, Israel could have gotten tough ordering every Arab back to their origins outside, but they didn't, instead providing shelter just like they sheltered Mohammed.

While the legitimacy of Israel is a no-brainer, that terrorism has reared its ugly head for so long means the nation's security apparatus must be ever vigilant. To that end, an Islamist Party is as disasterous a 'policy of appeasement', as Neville Chamberlain's 'policy of appeasement' was where Hitler was concerned.

It's time the Palestinian People see their leadership as a self-involved hindrance to their own "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness." It's time, Israel insisted the United Nations and its plethora of ancillary agencies pack their bags and head on home to the nations they too originate from.

Peacekeeping is an ideal, yet in all the time the UN has organized to aid the Palestinian Arabs, they failed to protect Israelis and their guests from those Arab adherents of a war manual which finds death more attractive than life.

It's almost 2022, twenty years since Mr. Cari first wrote his article, yet terrorism and other forces of instability in the region have remained a constant. No Marshall Plan for the Arab squatters can secure Israel from the tentacles of Islamofascism and its twist of faith. We know this much is true, because after WWII, when the U.S. ordered the German people to undergo Denazification, it didn't work: The top Nazis were punished, but the middle level bureaucrats remained Nazis.

Today, there are elements of Neo-Nazis having marched in parts of Germany. That their show still goes on, is a prime example of why Mr. Cari's idea calling for a Marshall Plan was obviously ill thought out, if not obviously one-sided due to arabist leanings. It is as awful as Von Ribbentrop sending Hitlerite Edward VIII's mistress Wallis Warfield Simpson no less than seventeen carnations a day.