PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Meron: We will seek answers - once the victims are mourned

Netanyahu said proper measures would be taken to ensure Meron disaster never repeats itself once the mourning is behind us.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yariv Levin and Benny Gantz
Yariv Levin and Benny Gantz
Knesset spokesman's unit / Shmulik Grossman

Knesset speaker, MK Yariv Levin, opened a special Knesset session in memory of the victims of the Meron disaster on Monday afternoon with the participation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, by calling on proper measures to be taken ensuring lessons are learned from the tragedy, "ensuring it doesn't repeat itself."

"The terrible catastrophe requires us to ensure that all necessary arrangements are taken to prevent a similar catastrophe in years to come," he said. "Crowds of people will continue flocking to Meron. We must do everything in our power to continue this special tradition [but] we must [also] ensure the safety of its participants," pointed out Levin.

"The issue must be addressed first and foremost while upholding the dignity of the victims of the disaster. But there will still be time for that. Until then, we must exercise restraint, despite the great difficulty this entails. I pray for the recovery of the wounded and for such tragedies to never repeat themselves," he added.

Addressing the Knesset, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that, "Once the period of mourning has ended, we will look at all aspects of the gathering, past and present, and reach decisions regarding crowding, management, and responsibility [for the tragedy]."