Sefer Torah in memory of the victims of Meron disaster

The entire Jewish people should come together in dedicating a Torah scroll in the memory of the 45 holy souls who perished in Meron.

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Meron Disaster
Meron Disaster

Take part in this huge mitzvah>>

The Meron disaster on the night of Lag B'Omer, the likes of which has never been witnessed in the history of the state of Israel, saw an unstoppable stampede of people trampling each other to death. 45 holy souls lost their lives and more than 150 were injured in the tragedy.

The pure souls of these individuals, celebarting one of the biggest days of the Jewish year, have ascended to heaven.

And their families? How many families have suddenly found themselves struggling to eak out a living for themselves and their children in wake of this horrible tragedy?

What is Hashem trying to tell us?

Perhaps we need unity precisely in these moments to become stronger in "Ahavas Hinam" between our fellow Jews.

What can we do?

We will mobilize together in writing a "Sefer Torah" in memory of those who perished that will enter the holy Tsiyun HaRashbi where the last stop of their lives wasTake part in this huge mitzvah>>

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