Rabbi of Daniel Morris: The world has lost an angel

Rabbi Aryeh Waxman of the Sha'alvim yeshiva remembers American youth who perished in Meron.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris

Rabbi Aryeh Waxman eulogized Daniel (Donny) Morris, a 19-year-old student from Teaneck, New Jersey, who was studying at the Sha'alvim yeshiva and who perished in the disaster at Meron last week, in an interview Kan News Sunday.

"It's so hard to talk right now. I just want people to know that Israel has lost an angel. When he was with us, we could tell that he was an angel," Rabbi Waxman said.

The rabbi said Morris was "a guy who always had a smile on his face. Maybe you saw a picture taken a quarter of an hour before he was taken from us. You see the light inside."

"No one remembers him not smiling," Rabbi Waxman stressed. "He always a good word, was always thirsty for Torah. He was always happy with his friends. Everyone loved him."

"It is decreed from above that he is taken from us and we will continue to learn from him and with God's help we will raise the name of heaven here in the material world for the ascension of his soul and we will continue to feel his influence here in this world," he added