Israel's Foreign Ministry responds to well-wishers

Foreign Minister Ashkenazi has released a statement answering the tide of sympathy for Meron from around the world.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

הר מירון
הר מירון
צילום: מדא

Israel’s foreign ministry has released a statement covering the tragedy at Meron, saying ”The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to thank the many officials and individuals around the world who sent their condolences and commiserations following the severe disaster at the Lag Ba’Omer festivities on Mount Meron.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani sent a message of condolence to Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabi Ashkenazi, and German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas sent a personal missive to his Israeli counterpart.

The presidents of Russia, Serbia and Cyprus, the prime ministers of the United Kingdom, Romania and Lithuania, the deputy prime minister of Ukraine, the ministers of foreign affairs and foreign ministries of India, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, the European Union as well as ambassadors and other senior officials sent messages of solidarity and commiseration to the State of Israel over the past few hours.

In addition, the MFA’s social media accounts have received thousands of messages of condolence from around the world, including from many Arab countries.

Earlier today, FM Ashkenazi tweeted: “My heart aches over the severe disaster that took place tonight in Meron. I stand in support of the rescue forces that have been working throughout the night and are still working at the site, saving lives. Our hearts go out to the families. Blessed be the memory of those who perished. Swift recovery to the injured.”