Former Chief of Staff: The Prime Minister needs urgent hospitalization

Former Chief of Staff Dan Halutz criticizes Netanyahu as "hysterical", says he "has not uttered a single word of truth in recent years".

Dan Halutz ,

Dan Halutz
Dan Halutz
Flash 90

The Prime Minister requires urgent hospitalization. Here stands a hysterical man, who is apparently subjected to severe emotional blackmail at home.

A person who has not had a single word of truth coming out of his mouth in recent years, and accuses everyone else of seeking authority and power.

Hey there, Mr. Defendant, you have been sitting in your Balfour fortress for 12 years, treating the country and the taxpayers' money as if it is your own (actually you do not touch your own money) and then dare to lament your fate? How they do not let you be Prime Minister, want to rob you of the crown.

So your inventor of complicated issues, the minister who is a former criminal, invents a patented trick for the alleged future criminal, a direct election for Prime Minister. Tell us, when will you leave us alone?

You try every trick, no matter how dirty, to cling to power and in this way perhaps extricate yourself from justice using deceptive methods. Maybe you can explain to the laymen once and for all what do you think is the difference between right and left?

What is really the difference between you and the leaders of the other parties who challenge you, why should everyone keep what they said a year, two years ago and you are exempt from doing the same? Should I remind you that you said that a Prime Minister cannot run a country and a trial at the same time?

I will tell you about one clear difference (!!!) between you and those who seek to replace you, they are honest people and they are all mentally balanced as well.

And that is all that is required of the Prime Minister of Israel. After all, we learned about your failure with Hamas, with Iran, with the management of the coronavirus crisis, with the difficult social problems, with the lost year in education, with the violence in Arab society.

In the face of your multi-dimensional model of failure, anyone who comes in your place can only succeed. Anyway, you deserve to be thanked for two things. One, you ensured the vaccination of Israeli citizens. Second, you recognized Arab society in the Israeli partnership and strengthened their political weight.

By the way, in order to rudely attack Bennett you do not have to rob us of screen time in prime time, it is better that you do it in the morning after the children have gone to school, because you are scaring them before bed.