Protection Against Panic

"Spike in anti-Semitic Attacks"; "Ramming Attack in Williamsburg"; "Rabbi Beaten by Arabs in Jaffa" – a tiny sample of this past week's head

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Sean Littman , | updated: 9:01 PM

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The emotional atmosphere of this past year's constant COVID-caused health and economic hazards have been enough of a challenge for even the strongest of us.

But now, with violent anti-Semitic attacks in Israel and abroad, the post-election unrest with its unprecedented social discord that's ripping our society apart is enough to trigger panic in the stoutest of hearts.

What's the answer? That's the question I asked Rabbi Lazer Brody, dubbed the "Voice of Emuna" by Israel National Radio's former director, Tamar Yonah.

"To prevent a panic attack, it's important to remember how and why it happens," explains Rabbi Brody, world-renown author, ordained Orthodox rabbi, certified health coach and fitness trainer. "King David, the greatest psychotherapist who ever lived, understood the human soul better than anyone else.

He said, 'Happy is the person whose strength is in You' (Psalm 84:6). In other words, the moment a person realizes that he or she cannot handle a situation on their own, and they turn to the Almighty for strength, then they immediately neutralize panic and negativity. They get a supercharge of power from the Source of all power."

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Panic, says Rabbi Brody, comes from the evil inclination to disarm and disable a person so that he or she cannot serve Hashem. "Our sages teach that no one has the power to overcome the evil inclination on their own. So don't feel bad - we all in varying degrees are susceptible to panic, but we need not surrender to it.

The moment we turn to Hashem and put all our trust in Him, we throw a knockout punch to panic. It's not my words; Rabbi Chaim of Volozyn said that the spiritual ploy of overcoming any fear or anxiety is simple to remember and repeat ein od milvado, 'There is nothing or no one but You, Hashem!' Nothing or no one can harm a hair on your head against Hashem's will."

Rabbi Brody
Rabbi Brody

That, of course, is standing on one foot. Rabbi Brody gives the whole game-plan in one of his new inspirational books, "3 Words of Emuna." Although best-known for his internationally best-selling English translation of "The Garden of Emuna", Rabbi Brody has been writing his own books for the last two and a half years, in addition to developing his Emuna Beams Podcast the Emuna Beams body-soul health blog.

Rabbi Brody's master skills as a life coach and spiritual guide shine forth in Path to Your Peak, a guide to maximizing personal potential. In 13 Principles of Emuna, he shows how the foundations of our faith guarantee happiness and fulfillment.

Soon to be released is "Bitachon", a guide to a worry-free income. All his books are extremely reader-friendly and universal in nature.

Panic and Rabbi Lazer Brody's books, especially Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility, are mutually exclusive. When it comes to high-stress situations, the author, as a combat veteran with nearly three decades of service in the IDF, knows what he's talking about.

In preparing for war with a fierce enemy like negative emotions, we must all train properly. Don't wait for an attack of panic, fear or anxiety – be prepared and pick up Rabbi Brody's books right now. In Israel, they're available at Pomeranz Bookseller in Jerusalem, 02-623-5559, who ships all over Israel. Outside of Israel, they're available on Amazon. If Rabbi Lazer Brody's book have worked under the most extreme of challenges, like prisons and war zones, they'll work for you too.