Mansour Abbas does not rule out Bennett as PM

United Arab List leader slams those who seek to boycott his party, says he does not reject any option.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Mansour Abbas
Mansour Abbas
Hezki Baruch

United Arab List (UAL) chairman Mansour Abbas delivered a statement to the Knesset channel Monday afternoon in which he stood in front of two Israeli flags and the emblem of the State of Israel and lambasted those who boycott his party and call its members supporters of terrorism.

"Most of the parties in Israel and society accept Ra'am and what it presents," he began. "Some are still in the dark zone of disqualifying the other."

"Ra'am has recently been attacked by certain elements who are trying to tarnish it as a supporter of terrorism using racist discourse, we despise this discourse," Abbas added.

Addressing the proposal for direct elections for the prime minister, Abbas said: "We are examining the law for direct elections and our position will be determined according to the good of Arab society and the good of Ra'am."

"We have achieved our goal of putting Arab citizens and the problems of Arab society in Israel's priorities," he stressed.

When asked if he would reject Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett's candidacy for prime minister, Abbas said that he is "not rejecting any option. All options are on the table."