Hundreds attend English-language Independence Day service

OU Israel and the municipality of Jerusalem joined together to give foreign students in Israel a more meaningful Independence Day.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hundreds attend English-language Independence Day service
Hundreds attend English-language Independence Day service
צילום: יעל האופטמן, OU ישראל

Hundreds of people participated last night in the Independence Day prayer for English-speaking Jerusalem residents on Wednesday, led by the OU Israel organization and in collaboration with the Jerusalem Heritage Department of the Jerusalem Municipality.

The festive event took place in Jerusalem’s First Station complex according to the ‘green stamp public health guidelines, and featured a solemn prayer service led by singer Shlomo Katz and his band.

Among the many participants were foreign students who came from the US to study in Jerusalem for one year, observing their 0first Independence Day celebration in Israel. Throughout the evening the event was broadcast live on OU Israel's website, YouTube and Facebook, allowing Jews from all over the world to join the show.

OU Israel CEO Rabbi Avi Berman said during the event that “if we do not acknowledge those who gave their lives for the people of Israel and the Land of Israel then we can not really understand what this great miracle that the Holy One has brought us, nor to appreciate all the good that the Blessed One has brought us in the State of Israel."

"All last year I'm getting a lot of calls, hundreds of calls, from my friends around the world. Everyone tells me how much they miss Jerusalem, how much they miss the State of Israel. Tonight I'm standing here on stage with many hundreds of people dancing on Independence Day I say Not only do you, there abroad, miss Jerusalem, we miss you. The streets of Jerusalem miss you. The streets of Jerusalem are not the same without the Jews from all over the world who come here to walk and pray. Jerusalem misses you no less than you miss her," Rabbi Berman added.

Jerusalem City Council member and Deputy Mayor Aryeh King also attended the event and said: "This is only one of the many events that the Mayor has arranged in connection with OU Israel. Together, we have created a full ist of activities to make Jews from all parts of the world feel at home in our city.” King finished by saying he hopes to see the many students return next year with Israeli citizenship cards in hand.