Starting Sunday: Face masks not required outdoors in Israel

Health Ministry drops requirement to wear face masks in public in outdoor areas, effective Sunday.

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Face mask
Face mask

Israelis will no longer be required to wear face masks in public in outdoor areas, beginning Sunday.

Israeli Health Ministry Yuli Edelstein (Likud) instructed the Health Ministry Director-General Hezy Levy to issue an order ending the health regulation requiring the wearing of face masks outdoors.

However, masks will still be required in indoor settings such as stores and restaurants.

“Masks are intended to protect us from the coronavirus pandemic,” said Edelstein. “After health experts came to the conclusion that there is no more need for them outdoors, I have decided to permit the removal of masks based on their recommendation.”

“The infection rate in Israel is very low thanks to Israel’s successful vaccine campaign, therefore we can move forward with dropping an additional restriction for you, citizens of Israel.”

“But I ask you to still keep masks with you for when you need to go into closed buildings.”