Coronavirus Czar: If all goes well we can reopen in a month

Prof. Nachman Ash says Health Ministry delaying reopening education system as a precaution to prevent an outbreak in schools.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Professor Nachman Ash
Professor Nachman Ash
Photo by Flash90

Coronavirus Czar Prof. Nachman Ash stated Thursday evening that Israel could be fully reopened in the next month if morbidity does not increase.

Speaking to Channel 13 News, Prof. Ash said the Health Ministry is delaying the opening of the education system as a precaution against cases of infection of children, as they are not being vaccinated like the adult population.

."We want to see that returning to school does not cause excess morbidity. It is only a matter of a few weeks, if the morbidity trend continues like this," Professor Ash explained. "We want to move away from Passover and see in the studies themselves that there is no contagion."

The Coronavirus Czar added that "at the moment there is no need to update the vaccine. We are monitoring people who have been vaccinated for infections, to determine that the vaccine is effective - we hope we can stop any mutation that endangers the vaccine operation."