Bedouin Arabs steal massive amounts of avocados

Two Bedouin Arabs arrested on suspicion of stealing hundreds of kilograms of avocados from a grove in southern Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Border Police forces arrested two Bedouin Arabs, residents of illegal towns in the Negev, on suspicion that they stole hundreds of kilograms of avocados from an orchard in southern Israel.

The arrest followed several weeks of investigations by the Border Police's central unit.

On Tuesday, forces succeeded in following the two suspects when they were in an agricultural area near the southern city of Ofakim. Border Police fighters and detectives prepared themselves in large numbers on the roads, to locate the suspects' vehicle, which was then spotted traveling towards the Bedouin city of Rahat.

The suspects, who noticed the police blockades, made a u-turn and attempted to escape, initiating a lengthy pursuit, both by vehicle and on foot. The chase ended when the escaping vehicle drove over spikes, forcing the suspects to continue their escape on foot and eventually leading to their arrest.

A search of the suspects' vehicle revealed 337 kilograms (743 lbs) of avocados, worth thousands of shekels, which were apparently picked and stolen from Negev groves, and which the suspects planned to sell to other Bedouin in the area.

Both of the suspects are in their 20s.

They will be brought Wednesday to the Ashkelon Magistrates Court for an extension of their arrest.