Israel to drop outdoor mask mandate next week?

Senior Health Ministry official says Israel will likely end requirement to wear masks outdoors - but indoor mandate could remain.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police force mask compliance
Police force mask compliance
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Israel could end its outdoor mask mandate as early as next week, a senior Health Ministry official said, according to a report by Kan Reshet Bet Tuesday morning.

On Monday, Israel’s coronavirus czar, Prof. Nachman Ash, said the Health Ministry would rule on the future of the outdoor mask mandate next week.

The senior Ministry official cited by the Kan Reshet Bet report said it appears likely the outdoor mask mandate will be ended, though the requirement to wear masks indoors or in mass gatherings might be maintained even if the outdoor mandate is dropped.

Nevertheless, the official warned that there could be new outbreaks of the coronavirus in the next few weeks, due to increased spreading during the Passover festival, and a spike in diagnoses, noting that the number of tests carried out during Passover was lower than usual and may have created a false image of the status of the pandemic.

Prof. Ash has backed the termination of the outdoor mask mandate, saying that the mandate is no longer justified from an epidemiological standpoint.