Girl From Well-Known Family Makes Shocking Confession

If you see the pictures, you will understand that we have been through enough in life

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“We Heard Screams And Saw Terrified Children Running”
“We Heard Screams And Saw Terrified Children Running”
צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

Last week, a mother of eight suddenly collapsed and died right in front of her children. When the EMT volunteers saw the condition that the house was in though, they realized that there is so much more to their story than meets the eye.


"We always knew that their situation was very complex. But we never could have imagined how horrible it really was," said a neighbor.

Shortly after her mother’s death, Sarah (17) recounts the tragic disaster: “My mother went to light the Shabbat candles when suddenly, she collapsed on the floor. I quickly gathered all the children out of the house and shouted to our neighbors to call Hatzolah. After a few terrifying minutes, they turned to me and asked: "Where is your father? She is not responding to our resuscitation attempts.”

But he wasn’t there. Yaakov Rothner doesn't function as a father and often disappears from home for extended periods of time. Levana was left to take care of the eight children on her own and tried her best to give her children as normal of a childhood as she could. But she was unsuccessful. In a heartbreaking letter, Sara describes her longing for a functioning father:

"Once when I was with a friend, I saw a two-year-old girl run into her father's arms. He scooped her up and kissed her rosy cheeks. I went back home to our filthy floor, to my mother shuffling through the mess, looking for food for my little brother. Mommy did not have much to give us, but she had a raw and pure love and she gave it to us without measure.”

Now, after her mother’s death, Sarah is underaged and cannot take financial responsibility for her seven siblings. The Rachmastrivka Rebbe, the Pinsk-Karliner Rebbe, and the Strikover Rebbe held an emergency meeting on the family's behalf and strongly urge everyone who hears of the story to do whatever they can to help. In Sarah's words:

"I'm only 17. Old enough to understand the dangerous severity of our situation, of how very alone we are. Too young to take financial, emotional and physical responsibility for the family. I turn to you and beg: If you see the pictures of our house you will understand in an instant that we have gone through enough in life. Now, we are on the verge of falling apart completely. Please help us...”