Health Ministry: New Israeli-born coronavirus mutation discovered

Israel's Health Ministry announces discovery of new COVID-19 mutation - born and bred in Israel. 181 people are already infected.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Analyzing coronavirus tests
Analyzing coronavirus tests

Israel's Health Ministry has announced the discovery of an Israeli-born COVID-19 mutation, responsible for nearly 200 coronavirus cases.

The new mutation, P681H, has infected 181 people, the Ministry said.

Experts are already investigating the mutation and its effects, but initial results show that it is no more dangerous or contagious than the other mutations.

"There is no concern that it reduces the efficacy of the vaccine," the Ministry said.

The coronavirus strain currently responsible for over 90% of Israel's cases is the British variant, which earlier this month was proven to be 30% more deadly than the original, and to increase the risk of hospitalization by 60-70%.