Which areas of tech grew the most during the covid pandemic?

Whilst the covid pandemic has been challenging for many businesses, there have been different tech sectors that have thrived under lockdown

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השקעות בנדל"ן
השקעות בנדל"ן

Whilst the covid pandemic has been challenging for many businesses, there have been different tech sectors that have thrived under lockdown. With people unable to go out or socialise, different uses of technology have emerged and been widely adopted for basic communication, fitness and work purposes, as Arutz Sheva explains below.

Video Conferencing

2020 has been the year of Zoom, with the video conferencing giant seeing a growth of users by more than 2,000% in the last year. Although the company has been running since 2011, the video platform became most well-known during the pandemic and synonymous with communication.

Whether it was ‘grabbing a Zoom’ or ‘jumping on a Zoom call,’ various spin-offs emerged including quizzes, happy hours amongst staff, wedding ceremonies and more.

Other competitors in the space also grew from the boost in video conferencing, including the likes of Microsoft Teams and Whereby which announced a funding round of $12 million last week.

Streaming Services

With households cosying up on the couch, streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix saw significant growth during the pandemic, with Netflix now recording a total of 200 million users worldwide, up 31% from the previous year.

A study by Ofcom in 2020 showed that the average person in lockdown was spending 40% of their time in front of a screen.

FX and Trading

With people working remotely, on furlough or waiting for new job opportunities, more and more started to dabble in the world of FX and online trading, using the likes of eToro and IG.

Some people started learning themselves, using the free versions of the trading platforms, or via watching Youtube videos. In 2021 many US citizens start trading with regulated US Forex brokers to invest and work with their disposable income.

There were a few notable investment opportunities which saw both amateur and professional traders win big, including the 170% growth in Bitcoin in the last year, the rising share price of Tesla and the hype surrounding GameStop.


Online gaming increased on average by 1.5 hours from 2019 compared to 2020. A report by Ipsos MORI in 2020 found that 14% of players discovered new video games, with 30% confirming that video gaming helped to make them feel less isolated, especially when engaging with new players and friends through headsets.

When lockdown restrictions were lifted during the summertime of 2020, gaming took a bit of a backseat, but upon entering more lockdowns in Q3 and Q4 last year, it came right back.

Online Courses

From cooking, spanish to web design, some people have embraced the opportunity to learn new skills through online courses. Whether through the likes of Coursera, Udemy or just Youtube, the role of eLearning and online courses has certainly grown in the last year.

Online Fitness

Unable to get to the gym or brave the cold weather, online fitness sessions on Youtube, Instagram or paid subscriptions surged in the last year. With fitness influencers ready to take advantage, people could follow free videos (often with product placement) or sign up for daily or weekly sessions with their favourite online trainers. Some professional fitness coaches would run sessions with thousands of participants at a time, with UK-heartthrob Joe Wickes gaining a peak of 120,000 users during one session.