Germany funds vaccination drive for Holocaust survivors

German government to pay $13.5 million to have Holocaust survivors around the world vaccinated against COVID.

Andrew Silow-Carroll, JTA ,

Holocaust survivor
Holocaust survivor
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The German government is providing $13.5 million to get Holocaust survivors to COVID-19 vaccination locations around the world.

The new Holocaust Survivor Vaccine Assistance Program (HSVAP) will be administered by the New York-based Claims Conference, which announced the program on Wednesday, through its network of more than 300 agency partners.

Funds will cover the costs of organizing vaccination appointments, transporting seniors to and from appointments, and coordinating follow-up care and counseling as needed.

“This added support from the German government will expand our efforts to over 40 countries in which Holocaust survivors live,” said Stuart Eizenstat, who led the negotiations with the German government on behalf of the Claims Conference. “Once national governments make vaccines available, we will be there to ensure that every survivor knows their options, has access to vaccines, and does not feel abandoned.”

The Claims Conference estimates there are more than 340,000 Holocaust survivors living around the world, of whom 45 percent are not yet vaccinated.