Outrage against Netanyahu in Mahane Yehuda market

Shopkeepers in Jerusalem's iconic marketplace outraged after market shuttered for hours ahead of PM's planned visit - which was then nixed.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

נתניהו בשוק מחנה יהודה
נתניהו בשוק מחנה יהודה
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A planned visit by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to a Jerusalem market last week sparked outrage following a last minute cancellation.

Store owners and workers in Jerusalem’s iconic Mahane Yehuda marketplace were outraged last Thursday after the market was shuttered as a safety precaution ahead of Netanyahu’s planned campaign stop, with the prime minister eventually nixing the event at the last minute.

At approximately 2:00 p.m. last Thursday, security personnel closed the Mahane Yehuda market and the surrounding area, preventing customers from reaching shops in the market.

The security lockdown was maintained until roughly 5:00 p.m., spanning some the busiest hours for the market.

Shortly before the visit was set to take place, however, Netanyahu’s appearance at Mahane Yehuda was cancelled.

A day later, Netanyahu also cancelled a planned appearance near the home of MK Naftali Bennett. In that case as well, security personnel were deployed to secured the area for the event which ultimately was not held.