Israel: Iran using Hezbollah to destabilize the Middle East

Hezbollah endangering Lebanese civilians, Israel warns, as Iran uses the terror group to destabilize the Middle East.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hezbollah ordnance
Hezbollah ordnance

Israel's Foreign Ministry blamed the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah for destabilizing the region and endangering Lebanese citizens.

"Fifteen years after the Second Lebanon war, Iranian-backed Hezbollah continues to endanger Israelis, Lebanese, and regional stability. Today, UNSC convenes to discuss the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres report on UNSCR1701, extensively violated by Hezbollah ever since.

"The UN report presents dozens of violations, including incidents of crossing the Blue Line, provocations, bearing unauthorized weapons and initiating incidents that endanger the lives of civilians on both sides of the border.

"The report states that Iran continues its destructive role in the region by supporting the Hezbollah terror organization by supplying it with financial backing, weapons and training.

"We couldn’t agree more:

“The freedom of movement of UNIFIL in its entire area of operations, including along the full length of the Blue Line, remains critical… It is incumbent upon the Lebanese authorities to investigate any such restrictions of movement."

According to UN Secretary General report on UNSCR1701, Hezbollah continues to use conspiracy & deceitfulness to plan attacks against Israeli targets, by preventing access of UNIFIL to sites of the pseudo-environmental NGO “Green Without Borders” despite repeated requests," it wrote on its social media page.