Atty. Simcha Rothman attacks "Supreme Court's negligent behavior"

Candidate for Religious Zionism party lays blame with Supreme Court for "disregarding people's lives to earn political points with Left"

Yoni Kempinski ,

Atty Simcha Rothman at Arutz Sheva studio
Atty Simcha Rothman at Arutz Sheva studio
Arutz Sheva

Arutz Sheva spoke to Attorney Simcha Rothman, candidate from Bezalel Smotrich's Religious Zionism party.

Asked about Israel's Supreme Court's activism and specifically today's decision to override a Knesset prohibition on individuals entering the country, Rothman said Court justices had "no idea" regarding the dangers of the COVID-19 virus and were "just trying to make a political statement they can get away with to win points with the Left."

Rothman pointed out that when the Knesset prohibited citizens from traveling to other countries just a number of months ago, the Court failed to pass an injunction allowing international travel "even though this wouldn't have endangered the situation at home."

Rothman said the Supreme Court should be limited in its scope of action and should not be allowed to be influenced by left-wing organizations to run the State.