IDF commander: 'There may be 2,000 missiles a day'

Head of IDF's Home Front Command warns that in the next war, Israel's civilians may field 2,000 rockets each day. 'Israeli home front will stand strong and steadfast.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Major General Uri Gordin
Major General Uri Gordin
IDF spokesperson

Major General Uri Gordin, Commander of the Home Front Command, on Monday morning spoke about the threat Israel's next war is expected to present for Israeli civilians.

Speaking at the Besheva conference, Gordin said that according to the relative threat, during the next war the State of Israel can expect 2,000 missiles to be fired at it daily.

"This will challenge both the military and civilian systems," he warned.

However, he added that "our enemies on the various fronts need to know that if necessary, we will use a forceful military, as we have never done in the past. At the same time, they should know that the Israeli home front, which has proven itself more than once in the past, is strong and will stand steadfast against any challenge it is confronted with."

"They know that they will not win us in battle, so they are trying to move the battle to the second front, which is our home - by physically harming cities, towns, and villages, and by hurting our spirit via a psychological war. They should know that even on the home front, they will meet an iron, determined, and interconnected fist - and there as well they will suffer total defeat."

Regarding the Home Front Command's role in the war against coronavirus, Gordin said: "During the coronavirus crisis, the Home Front Command fulfilled its purpose of strengthening the nation's resilience and saving lives, perhaps in the most significant way ever. We have a lot of work ahead of us to ensure the pandemic is defeated, while healing the economic and social damage suffered by Israel's citizens."

"The Command worked on its widest scale since its founding. Those in the Command worked in local authorities, helped the Health Ministry in hospitals, health clinics, vaccination centers, [coronavirus] testing centers, quarantine and recovery hotels, and, obviously, in the Alon Headquarters, which led the central efforts in the battle against the pandemic's spread. We need to preserve and leverage the good things that were created as a result of the battle against it - the bridges and cooperation are some of the most important [of these]."

"The faith in us and the correct action of the citizens are a condition for victory in every war or crisis that we will need to deal with in the future," he concluded.