Rumors Swirl As “Perfect Family” Disintegrates

The entire Petach Tikva community was watching them.

Vaad Harabanim , | updated: 1:51 PM

Mrs. Broiner
Mrs. Broiner
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It’s not always that young girls love their high school principal. In the Beit Yaakov world especially, the principal, or ‘menahelet,’ is the voice of discipline, the one who helps to reign in the girls and drive them to grow to new heights. Mrs. Devorah Broiner, however, was not “the bad guy.” She was deeply beloved by her students, as she gracefully managed the balance between rules and warmth.


She kept in touch with past students for years afterward, connecting them back to their roots. Similarly, Devorah’s husband Rabbi Yehuda Broiner was a community figure in his own right. Describes as an “outstanding Torah scholar," friends and neighbors came to him with questions.

The two powerhouses built a strong home with 8 beautiful children. They were the portrait of Jewish success - until tragedy struck.

In a swirl of rapid chaos, Mrs. Broiner came down with a severe case of corona. Despite being healthy and only 45 years old, she passed away. The entire Petach Tikva community had prayed for her recovery, and was shocked by the loss.

Rav Chaim Walkin released a video address on their behalf yesterday:

Donations are being urgently collected as 8 children, the youngest of whom is only 6, have no security plan for the future. The weight on their father’s shoulders is more than one man can bear.

Readers can help here for a limited time.