Summer or winter? Israel's weather flip-flops

Israelis can expect hot, dry, weather, followed by a return of winter, forecasters predict.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Splashing in puddles (illustrative)
Splashing in puddles (illustrative)

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) rose half a centimeter since Monday, bringing it to just 45 centimeters below maximum capacity, the Kinneret Authority reported.

The winter weather that has caused the Kinneret's rise is expected to continue - but it will be mixed this week with hot, summer weather as well.

Tuesday's weather will be partly cloudy, with a rise in temperatures. Inland and in the mountains, temperatures will be higher than seasonal average. During the afternoon hours, there may be light rainfall in northern Israel.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy, with an additional rise in temperatures. It will be warmer than seasonal average, and dry in most areas of Israel. It may be hot and dry in southern Israel.

According to Meteo-Tech, Thursday will be partly cloudy or cloudy, with a significant drop in temperatures and rise in humidity. At the same time, the Arava region will be hot and dry, and there may be haze. During the afternoon hours, the winds will pick up and light rains will fall in northern Israel.

On Thursday night, the rain will increase and spread towards the center of the country.

Friday will be partly cloudy, with temperatures dropping to lower than average for the season. During the morning hours, there may be rainfall in northern and central Israel. The winds will lessen gradually.