Shul surrounded by ambulances after rabbi dies during prayers

The rabbi was in the middle of davening in shul when he collapsed and never recovered

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Shul Surrounded By Ambulances
Shul Surrounded By Ambulances
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The Telzstone community, and especially those who were the parents of young boys, were shocked this week by the passing of long-time teacher and father of five, Rabbi Yehoshua Lubar.

Lubar was a healthy man, who had recovered from coronavirus over five months ago. Unbeknownst to Lubar, the virus had given him a blood clot, which ultimately caused him to have a stroke. The rabbi was in the middle of praying in synagogue when he collapsed and never recovered.

The story continues the disturbing trend of blood clots and heart issues in healthy men after recovery from COVID.


World-renowned speaker Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi is close with the family and released a powerful message on their behalf. At the beginning of the video Mizrachi admits that she is approached ‘very often’ to do similar things, but has always declined - until now. She is familiar with Rabbi Lubar’s work as a melamed and is deeply moved by the family’s current plight

For many years, Rabbi Lubar’s work as a rebbi has supported his family’s household, while Mrs. Lubar focused on their children. Now, at 52 years old, and after the tragic shock of a lifetime, the widow must start from the beginning. A fund has been opened to help her & her children find stability during this tremendously painful time.