Matan Kahane: 'New Hope is a balloon that'll pop after elections'

'New Hope party is filled with air, it was created only from hatred, with no agenda,' Yamina's MK Matan Kahane says.

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Matan Kahane
Matan Kahane
Arutz Sheva

MK Matan Kahane (Yamina) on Monday morning said that in his opinion, Gideon Sa'ar's "New Hope" party will fall apart after the elections.

In an interview with 103 FM Radio, Kahane said: "Sa'ar's party is filled with air. It's a balloon that will pop ten seconds after the results of the elections are announced. It's a party that was created only from hatred, with no agenda. It's another Blue and White, it's more fluff. Whoever wants to pull the State of Israel out of this disaster and replace the government needs to vote for [Yamina Chairman MK] Naftali Bennett."

Kahane also said that even though he has great appreciation for Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, it is time to replace him.

"Bennett came to replace Netanyahu," he emphasized. "He appreciates Netanyahu for what he has done until now for the State of Israel, but is convinced that he needs to be replaced. In the State of Israel, where most of the people are right-wing and at least 80 Knesset seats are right-wing seats, a right-wing government will be formed, but the big question is who will lead this government: Will it be Netanyahu, who brought us to a situation in which there is no governance in the Negev and a girl cannot go to sleep without fearing she will be raped, where my neighbor in Beit Gamliel wakes up in the morning and discovers that all his sheep are stolen from their pen because there is no governance? Or Naftali Bennett, who will implement the Singapore Plan to bring down taxes?"

Regarding the latest polls, Kahane said: "All of the polls show that there are 18% debating who to vote for, and I am convinced that many of them will vote for us. Whoever wants to give in to Netanyahu, who forgot what it means to be right-wing, can vote for other parties."

"Naftali Bennett has said himself that his first decision as Prime Minister will be to normalize young settlements, because these are the pioneers who the State sent to settle Judea and Samaria," he added. "By the way, notice that the people who you and I sent to live there don't have sidewalks, electricity, water, or security arrangements. Therefore, we need a government which knows how to handle both this and coronavirus."