2 Jews assaulted by Arab gang in Old City of Jerusalem

Police file charges against Arab gang for attack on two Jewish worshippers in Old City of Jerusalem during Purim holiday.

David Rosenberg ,

Israeli Border Police in the Old City of Jerusalem
Israeli Border Police in the Old City of Jerusalem
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Two Jewish worshippers were attacked in the Old City of Jerusalem earlier this week, according to a preliminary charge sheet filed by police Wednesday.

Police filed the preliminary indictment against three young Arab men from eastern Jerusalem, charging them with assault for an attack against two Jews during the Purim holiday.

The incident occurred during Shushan Purim this Sunday, when the three suspects, ages 23, 19, and 17, when the two victims were walking past the Bab al-Majles neighborhood in the center of the Old City. The suspects attacked the two as they walked through the neighborhood, prompting police to intervene, extricating the two victims.

A joint operation of the Border Police and undercover police officers led to the arrest of the three subjects later on Sunday.

A Jerusalem court extended the suspects’ arrest earlier this week, Kikar Hashabbat reported, and on Wednesday, police filed a preliminary indictment, with a full indictment expected next week.

On Wednesday a judge refused the police department’s request for an additional extension of the suspects’ arrest. A police appeal on the decision was also rejected, with the court ordering the suspects to be released.