Shai Maimon: Religious Zionism is a combination, not a gathering

Get to know # 10 on Yamina list.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Arutz Sheva

In an introductory interview at the Arutz Sheva studio, Shai Maimon, who is ranked 10th on the Yamina list for the Knesset, talks about the goals he sets for himself and the party on the day after the election, about sectors and leadership.

Maimon, a resident of Mitzpe Karmim, a Deputy Brigade Commander in the reserve and father of five. Maimon is a terrorism victim. He was wounded in an attack in which his friend Malachi Rosenfeld was killed. When asked to pinpoint the moment he decided to go public with the Choosing Life organization, Maimon says that it was when he stepped out of the court arguments for punishing one of the terrorists in the cell and reviewing the indictment reveals the attack was made possible thanks to payments received by the terrorist due to his previous terror activities.

"At that point I told myself that it could not continue and that these funds must be stopped. The money pipeline that comes to and from the PA must be stopped. "I want to come in to make sure that money does not go to terrorism and terrorists."

Maimon clarifies that it is important for him to enter the Knesset also to promote the issue of young settlement in Judea and Samaria. "A few days ago we met with representatives of young settlement and Naftali said very clearly that we would regulate this community as a first step in the government he forms. The story of Mitzpe Karmim is a little different because the Supreme Court ruled to evacuate it but we are in a fight before an extended hearing."

On allegations that sitting in the same government with Lapid will in fact lead to forming a Leftist government, Maimon says that the allegations should be directed first and foremost to Binyamin Netanyahu, who has repeatedly gone with the Left. "We'll only form a Right-leaning government. The battle is within the Right only. There are about eighty Rightist seats in Israel and this is the battlefield, and it is being waged between Netanyahu and Bennett. It is time to say thank you to Netanyahu, you have done a lot, but we're advancing to the next generation of Rightist leadership and the next leader is Naftali Bennett."

On Gideon Sa'ar, Maimon says that although he is a good politician, he will not be able to be prime minister. "Leadership is needed, that you know how to manage; a performer like Naftali Bennett has proven himself. He has something to show for his efforts and he also does not have to prove his Rightist credentials. He is the one who established a neighborhood in Hebron and he is the one who received from Rabbi Hillel Horowitz and Orit Struck the Magen Boneh Hebron award."

On the issue of sectarianism he says that he too is of the flesh and blood of religious Zionism, and while preserving the uniqueness of each, one must work together to accept responsibility, to learn from each other about different opinions. "To me, this integration is religious Zionism and not to be isolated and to say 'only I' and everyone around me is less good."

In the face of the swaying polls, funding the party promises hard work. "I do not know what will be in the end, but I can say that we know how to work hard. We have been stable on double digits for a long time and can reach a better result."