Vaccination "fake news"

Israeli Rabbi Yoni Lavie has had it with fake news about the corona vaccine and has decided to refute false claims he has heard. Opinion.

Rabbi Yoni Lavie ,

Vaccine in IDF
Vaccine in IDF
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Here is what I have been hearing:

1. This vaccination is dangerous. I know someone who was diagnosed with corona a day after being vaccinated.

That is certainly possible, but the reason for it is simple: he was already infected beforehand. The virus incubates for about six days before symptoms are recognizable, so it is clear that this person was infected before the vaccination and that it has nothing to do with the vaccine.

Still, it is important to know that the vaccine does not provide total immunity, but only 94% (which is a great deal compared to other vaccines) and helps even those who have contracted the virus – they will have a much easier time getting over it.

2. Perhaps the reason there was such high morbidity over the past month is because of the vaccines themselves? That the vaccine is what gave these people the disease!

That is totally impossible. The vaccine cannot cause anyone to become ill with corona virus because it is not a "weakened virus" (or dead virus) on the lines of last generation's vaccinations. Its advanced mode of action works in a different way: it is a specific protein that enters the body causes the body to create antibodies that will protect it if the virus invades.

To claim that the vaccine gave someone corona is like saying that listening to classical music is what caused someone to develop corona virus.

3. There are doctors who say the vaccine is dangerous and are against it.

So what? There are also doctors who smoke, so should we conclude that smoking is good for your health?

What makes something true is not whether someone said it or not. You can always find an idiot who will volunteer to say anything in the world.

What has to guide us is this and only this:

What do the majority of expert doctors in the field say?

And in our case: The absolute majority of doctors and major worldwide health organizations authorized the vaccine and encourage people to be vaccinated.

4. So why is there a confidentiality clause for 30 years on the government discussions about it? It smacks of trying to hide something from us.

Absolutely not. This is the policy for government debates on every subject, for a very simple reason: the government often deals with sensitive issues and with matters of security so that things cannot be made accessible.

In this case, there is another reason for keeping the discussions under wraps: We are going to have elections! If every sentence uttered in the government meetings goes straight to the media, that will result in the discussions being populist and public relations oriented, something which will do the citizens of this country no good. When everything is kept under wraps, it helps our politicians keep focused on the issue at hand and think of the public good instead of the political gain they can glean..

5. But the CEO of Pfizer himself did not get vaccinated. He must know that the vaccine is dangerous.

Albert Berlou (btw, Jewish and son of survivors), CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, explained why he has not been vaccinated yet. He said he did not want to push ahead of the line. He is 59 and lives in Greece where his age group has not yet been allotted vaccines. He does not want to set a bad example of taking advantage of his position to be vaccinated before others who may need it more than he does because they are endangered by other health issues.

In conclusion:

Israel is the only place in the world where anyone over 16 can be vaccinated immediately. And how do people react to this here? Instead of dancing for joy and running to get the gift that G-d arranged for His people – they are busy spreading fake news and frightening innocent and naïve people, preventing them from guarding their health and being vaccinated.

Did you read other fake news about the vaccine? Let me know!

The original Hebrew version appeared on Arutz Sheva and was translated by Rochel Sylvetsky, who adds:

Interestingly, note that among those spreading the anti-vaccination fake news are the same people who spread fake news before the vaccine's discovery about corona being no more than flu, warned against masks as dangerous or called them useless, decried social distancing and lockdowns, and also touted unproven ways to avoid or cure the virus.

Rabbi Yoni Lavie is one of the heads of the Kehalim Organization, and a well known speaker on Torah and Education who is popular with young adults, parents and educators in the Religious Zionist sector and writes for various Hebrew publications. He has a weekly radio program "Kan Moreshet" and is author of the Hebrew book "Questions for an Atheist' and the trilogy "Hi, Rabbi" on questions of faith.