Rabbi Yaroslavsky: 'Those who encourage others not to get vaccinated cause bloodshed'

Rabbi Yaroslavsky, one of the leading Chabad rabbis in Israel, says those not vaccinated or recovered from coronavirus may not attend synagogue.

Ben Shaul ,

Rabbi Yaroslavsky
Rabbi Yaroslavsky
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Rabbi Yitzhak Yehuda Yaroslavsky, rabbi of the Chabad community in Kiryat Malakhi and secretary of the Chabad Rabbinical Court in Israel, said that anyone who does not get the coronavirus vaccine and who has not recovered from coronavirus should not attend synagogue.

"Due to the commandment to guard your lives carefully, only those who have the required proof of vaccination or recovery should enter synagogues," he wrote in a letter.

Those who are not vaccinated or recovered from coronavirus, he wrote, "should continue praying in the open 'synagogues' outdoors, and may not enter regular synagogues."

Regarding teachers and kollel (yeshiva for married men) students, Rabbi Yaroslavsky wrote that "everyone has an obligation to get vaccinated, and no one should take this issue lightly, G-d forbid."

He also harshly criticized those spreading "fake news" about the vaccine, saying that they "are causing much bloodshed in Israel."

"The requirement to get vaccinated is mandatory, not optional, according to Torah, and one should not try to come up with all sorts of various and strange theories which have no basis in reality. And anyone who does not get vaccinated and causes others not to get vaccinated, woe unto him on the Day of Justice; he is literally causing much bloodshed, G-d save us."